Is Apple Making Me Stupid?

02 Mar
March 2, 2012
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I Can Haz Appels

I love Apple products, and have been a loyal Apple user for years.  Computer crashes?  Not anymore.  Replace equipment frequently?  Nope.  Confusing software issues?  Nyit.  But, there are a couple of things that have been creeping around in my head that make me wonder two things:

  1. Is Apple making me stupid  (Addressed here)
  2. And, as it relates to that, is Apple making me expect less than steller customer service because they are Apple?  (Addressed in a separate post)

Now, the first point is what I’ll discuss today.  It’s really about what all Apple users love.  It’s so easy.  It makes technology easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to live with.  It’s out-of-the-box workable.  That is an amazingly good thing, right?  I thought so until I got the itch to get some “strange.”

It’s true.  I love Apple, but I love Google, too.  And I am intrigued, more than intrigued, by what Google is doing.  Google Apps, Chromebook, Google Brower, Gmail…and of course, the phones and the tablet.   I went to a T-Mobile store to check out the tablet, because I am curious about the tablet, and because my iPad‘s digitizer (fancy word for touch screen) went crazy, 3 days post warranty (and stupid me for not getting Apple Care on it…).  The sales associate was remarkable.  Walked me through the different types of tablets:  Big screens, small screens, old models, newer models.  Beautiful!  Expensive…but beautiful.  Then I started playing with it. I didn’t even know where to start.  It seemed so…foreign?  No, that’s not the right word..complicated.  And I was a bit afraid.

Up until this point, I have thought of complicated as a bad thing.  Hearkening back to the late 90′s when computers ran painfully slow, and when you installed something, you had no idea where it went, and downloads went to some mysterious place on your computer that you had to dig through to find again.  But complicated made me nimble.  It made me learn.  It made me develop some critical thinking on how the system I was using worked.  With Apple, I don’t have to do that. It does it for me.  And that just might be dangerous.  Dangerous in that if I no longer am learning, or if its done for me, then I might just get technologically left behind.  That I might become the *ack* annoying older adult asking the youngster how technology works, and afraid to even try anything for fear of breaking it or screwing something up.  Now, I love my parents, but getting them to login to flickr to view the kids pictures is a chore.  Am I heading down that same road?  I might be.

I was talking about this with my business partner, and the fact that I felt like I needed to be literate on an android product.  I look around, and there are lots of young hipsters on androids.  Even my Apple friends have droids.  Are the droid users early adopters?  My Apple friends who have droids seem to think so.  Or maybe they are just cooler than me.  Or maybe they know something I don’t. Or, maybe, just maybe…they are more nimble that I am.  So, in this conversation, I discussed the benefits of being bilingual, so to speak.  Or, versed in the droid operating system as well.  Becoming more nimble, getting outside of my comfort zone, whatever..And a new word was born:  Androiphoneous (Andro-i-phone-ee-us)

Definition:  Being fluent in both iPhone/ iPad and droid/ tablet OSs

So, I am going to make the jump.  I have a personal mobile, and a work mobile. I’m going to make a jump for work, and grab up one of those droids.  And I am going to have a little note at the the bottom of the emails sent from my droid like they have on iPhones:

Sent from my droid.  Just not the droid you’re looking for. (Stolen from Erik Deckers)

I haz messige for Obi Wan

I haz messige for Obi Wan

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3 replies
  1. Jeff says:

    great concept simlpe, clean is motorolla strong/cool enough to carry this out?as much as i love the apple brand (not the products), i would like to hope so good luck!

  2. rjbcg says:

    here’s another phrasing of your argument (i think):
    you don’t have to crank up your car to start it any more and, using your logic, the downside is that your arms are weaker. So, next car will have a crank.

    let’s be more optimistic: when technology makes some little piece of life easier for us, it leaves more bandwidth available for new things that are not yet so well worked out.

    Bottom line: nothing against android, but you can stay nimble by pushing yourself in new areas, not doing calisthenics in old ones.

  3. caustinmiller says:

    I think it’s always a good idea to explore different realms of technology. Just exploring the different types of computers,tablets, or phones is a good way to stay Androiphoneous and flexible.


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